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Project Social Care Head Start encourages parents and families to become actively involved in their child’s development, both in the classroom and around the community. Research shows that when parents are active participants in their child’s learning, the results are profound and include increased levels of self-esteem and stronger overall performance in school-aged programs. Getting involved during the childcare and preschool years will strengthen a family’s capacity to be an active participant in their child’s education.

Our programs rely on active participation from parents, families, and other mentors. We need your support just as much as your children do. Simply put, Project Social Care Head Start would not exist without the devotion, commitment, and vision of its community, donors, and volunteers.

There are a variety of ways for you to stay engaged with our program, and in our children’s education and future:

Parent Involvement and Advocacy

Project Social Care Head Start recognizes that parents and families are the strongest advocates for their children, and emphasizes their role as a child’s first and most important teacher. We encourage families to take an active role in their child’s education and development, helping to make decisions about their program in partnership with other parents, staff, and program coordinators. The contribution of family experience, perspective, and participation offers tremendous value to our program and successful parent-teacher partnerships demonstrate to a child that an entire team of adults is supporting them.

Some of the ways you can support your children include:

– attending Head Start staff/parent meetings

– attending training to learn the rights and responsibilities concerning children’s education in school

– getting involved in decisions about your children’s education by learning to communicate with teachers and other school staff

– serving on a Head Start committee, such as the Policy Council or Health Services Advisory Council;

– learning how to become involved in developing an Individualized Education Plan if your child has special needs

Becoming an effective advocate for your children requires an active involvement in their education and their lives. Being involved in your child’s life is what it takes to be a great and successful parent!

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Volunteers, as defined by Head Start Performance Standards, are described as, “an unpaid person who is trained to assist in implementing ongoing program activities on a regular basis under the supervision of a staff person.” As a federally funded program, Project Social Care Head Start is required to match 20% of their federal grant money with volunteer services and in-kind donations. As a volunteer, you can provide your services in the classroom, the office, or at a program, special event or any other place where the need arises.

Any person wishing to volunteer with PSCHS must complete a volunteer application and first be approved by Human Resources. This approval will include a criminal background check as well as a health screening. Applicants are asked to disclose anything in their background that would prevent them from volunteering in an Office of Child and Family Services (OCFS) licensed facility.

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Your financial contribution will assist us in providing high-quality programs for children and families in Brooklyn and the Bronx. On behalf of all the children and families we serve each year, we thank you for your support!

Below are some examples of what your money can do for us!

– $5 = Snack and lunch for 2 children
– $10 = Toothbrushes for an entire classroom
– $25 = 40 jars of baby food
– $50 = 2 large containers of formula
– $100 = 3 cases of diapers and 3 cases of wipes
– $150 = Start up supplies for one EHS classroom
– $200 = 1 dental examination
– $500 = Dental surgery for one child

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Effective governance is an essential part of any successful Head Start or Early Head Start program. Program leadership consists of three key entities: the governing body, Policy Council, and management staff. The governing body assumes legal and fiscal responsibility for the program, while the Policy Council sets direction and the management staff oversees day-to-day operations. Together, they form a powerful force that provides leadership and strategic direction.

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