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Positive parent-child relationships provide the foundation for children’s learning. As such, family engagement is a key component of our programs. Project Social Care Head Start works to support and strengthen parent-child relationships, with an emphasis on active participation. The goal of consistent family engagement is to create a healthy foundation in which warm, responsive, and emotionally secure associations are built. Through these interactions, children acquire the skills they need to succeed in life. In helping our families to strengthen family relationships, we are actively supporting positive learning outcomes, healthy child development, and overall family well-being. Parents have the opportunity to participate in parent education/training, program planning, governance, and operating activities. While we actively work to promote parent involvement, we also understand that working families have busy schedules. Center-based staff promote flexibility in their opportunities for family engagement and work to accommodate each family’s unique circumstances. All of our locations have a full-time family advocate on site who maintains regular communication with both parents and classroom staff. In addition to frequent communication regarding their child’s development, parents and families are also offered hands-on support in achieving their own goals. Direct support for families might include goals centered around housing stability, continued education, financial security, as well as many other topics. We prioritize working with families to first understand their individual needs and then help to establish strength-based goals. Families are critical in our path to achieving school readiness, therefore developing positive relationships with parents and children is top priority.

Key Services Include:

  • Monthly Parent Meetings
  • Parent Workshops
  • Family Newsletters
  • Monthly Contacts
  • Community Resources Share

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