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Project Social Care Head Start is a non-profit, federally funded program operating under the United States Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS). In line with the Head Start philosophy, Project Social Care has provided high-quality services to disadvantaged and low-income families since its founding in 2000. We offer free, comprehensive early childhood education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services to local children and families who meet income eligibility. PSCHS programs are operated and directed by early childhood professionals who are also parents and local community members. Our staff have the unique capacity to foster stable family relationships, enhance children’s physical and emotional well-being, and establish an environment that supports development of strong cognitive skills.



Comprehensive Services enable PSCHS to effectively meet the needs of young children, thus promoting school readiness for infants, toddlers, and preschool students in low-income families throughout Brooklyn and the Bronx. Ultimately, our goal is to provide families in underserved communities access to quality child care.

Inclusive Practices are embraced across all of our locations. In an effort to ensure that every child and family’s needs are effectively met, we partner with local Special Education agencies to coordinate and enroll Head Start-eligible children with disabilities into our comprehensive program. By working side-by-side with local agencies, PSCHS effectively provides continuous service and helps families navigate through any additional support services that are needed. Similarly, PSCHS embraces the rich diversity found across our centers. We support staff in the implementation of culturally and linguistically relevant practices, where children and families alike are encouraged to celebrate and share their differences.

Collaborations are at the forefront of all PSCHS programs. All our classrooms are located within licensed schools or childcare facilities. For our Head Start program, servicing children aged 3-5, our facility partners include Yeshiva B’nei Torah, Bais Sarah, Tiferes Bunim, and BumbleBeesRUs. Our infant and toddler childcare centers, which make up our Early Head Start Child Care Partnership program, include Bubble Bees Daycare, Brightside Academy, and the Hebrew Center for Developmental Learning, amongst others. We maintain strong relationships with these larger programs to ensure continuity of care and ease of transitions for our children and families.



Harold Schwartz

Executive Director

Amy Valle

Early Head Start/ Program Director

Josephine Restivo

Head Start Director

Elianna Lader-Bazian

EHS Education and Inclusion Coordinator

Chelsea Zhang

Fiscal Officer

Nikkita Ishmael

EHS Education and Inclusion Coordinator

Sammara Meade-Powell

Parent Family Community Engagement Coordinator

Walter Lader

Facilities and Safety Coordinator

Gila Cohen

Health Coordinator


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